Now as many of my older followers may know, I haven’t been updating this blog. To be honest, I probably never will. I’m not in the no.6 fandom anymore and there’s not that much material to work with.

I’m bringing this to attention because every now and then someone will bring my gifs back and I’ll have an influx of followers despite my lack of updating. So what I’m trying to say is go ahead and follow/unfollow, I’m keeping this blog up for those who want to still go through it. There’s just not going to be anymore updates.

So I guess you could say this askblog is closed. I never thought I would get this many followers when I started in september of 2011, and I just want to thank you all for sticking with me uvu ♥

I still want to get back in the groove with gif making (possibly in the snk/free/kpop fandoms) so if you would like to shoot me any ideas or just see them eventually you can find me on my personal or anime blogs.

Thank you again for all of your support!

This one is for all my shawol followers (◡‿◡✿)

If you haven’t seen internet war here’s a little 50 second video of the performance that’s referenced. 

did you guys miss me

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Anonymous sent: thank you for telling about why you wont/havent been posting recently. i'd just like to say, good luck in art school, and i love what you've done on this blog~

Oh thank you! And I really should have said something earlier. But my tablet has been working off and on for weeks and it finally just stopped completely. 

I really hope this gets sorted out soon. I miss making stupid gifs at 3 am.  

[Please Read] - Temporary Hiatus

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I really shouldn’t make answers past midnight. 

I dropped my tablet pen and then this happened. 
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I dropped my tablet pen and then this happened. 

When askblogs unite with salad. 

Nezumi laughs alone with salad. 

Okay so. At first that was supposed to be a reference to the did-yuo-kno blog. Because I thought that nezumi would be the type to laugh with a salad. But then I realized that actually existed in the no.6 fandom months ago with the heterosexual-nezumi blog. 

So of course I had to.